About Us

Skin-You.com belongs to Exentric Web Design.

We have been in the IT business since 1999, after working on countless e-commerce projects and using almost all software free and commercial that exists out there, we came to the conclusion that CS-Cart is the best e-commerce software we have used. We dropped all others and offer our customers that want e-shops, only the CS-Cart solution. After spending hundreds of hours writing code and designing unique templates for customers we realized that no one wants to have the same looking e-shop as someone else, and so we started Skin-You.com to offer our custom design services, templates for people on a budget that don't want the generic template that comes with CS-Cart, and maybe some enhancements through add-ons, even though the CS-Cart team does an excellent job in implementing most of the ideas into their next versions.

So feel free to browse our templates, get a quote for a custom design, or suggest future templates to us.